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Ladies and Gentlemen!

Are you interested in reaching out to new clients in Russia?

Israel Top magazine provides you with a unique opportunity to advertise your business and attract the attention of potential clients looking for your services.

Israel Top magazine is printed and distributed in Russia on special exhibitions and trade fairs that attract people interested specifically in the services and products featured in the magazine.

It allows delivering the advertisements straight to their target audience.

In this letter we would like to offer you an opportunity to advertise your services

at the biggest upcoming exhibitions of tourism, medical tourism and international real estate, held in Russia. The exhibitions are expected to be visited by 7-10 thousand to 25-40 thousand people, interested in traveling, getting a medical treatment or buying a property in Israel.

Give them a chance to meet you and get the best and the most important information about you.

Leave the rest to the personal encounter with your client.

We want you to interact with your clients directly,

without a mediator – just you and them!

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us today!






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